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Scenic Settings for Family and Couple Photography: 3 Tips for Choosing Ideal Colorado Shoot Location

Selecting a photographer and deciding on the perfect location for your photography session are deeply personal choices. Being intentional about knowing exactly what you want to capture is important to creating the beautiful images you will cherish.

Here are three tips to guide you in choosing the ideal location:

Tip One: Familiarize Yourself with the Desired Scenery

Colorado boasts a diverse range of natural beauty, from rivers and mountains to plains and aspen groves. Take a moment and envision the scenery you picture for your session.  Much like choosing your outfit - your scenery creates your esthetic.

Tip Two: Consider the Season

Colorado dramatically transforms throughout the year, each season offers different beauty. Winter and early spring create a picturesque setting with snow-covered landscapes, while late spring and summer showcase lush greenery, tall grass, and wildflowers. Late summer and early fall bring sunflowers, brilliant golden aspens, and tan, tall grass. 

Often certain seasons become popular due to holidays.  However, Colorado has beauty year round. We can take advantage of the varied seasons that align with your envisioned scenery.

Tip Three: Assess Your Willingness to Travel

While Colorado offers beauty across the state, it's essential to consider if you're open to traveling for your desired location. Factors to consider include the attendees at your session, the location's distance, and the logistics of travel.

  • Who will be attending: For couples, travel is often more manageable, while families with newborns or toddlers may find it more challenging. Although traveling with little ones is possible (I know I have done it!), it's still an important consideration.

  • Location and Distance: As a photographer who regularly travels for weddings and engagements, I often weigh whether it's a round trip or if an overnight stay is a good idea. And… I love when I can make it a trip!

  • Make it a Trip: Embrace the opportunity to turn your photography session into a memorable experience. Consider overnights for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, or family reunions. Personalize the session by choosing a unique location and extending the celebration into the next morning.  This summer my husband and I did exactly this:  I worked a wedding in Vail and we spent the night, had a cute breakfast in the morning and then wandered around the farmers market before heading home!  I highly recommend making it a trip!

Locations Are My Middle Name

As a photographer fortunate to travel for work, I am constantly surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty during my drives. When you book a session with me, we'll discuss your preferred scenery, best locations based on the season, and location options for travel, whether it's to picturesque destinations with overnight accommodations or closer locales - maybe in your own neighborhood!

If you're contemplating a couple, engagement, elopement, wedding, or family session in 2024, my calendar will be publicly released next Tuesday.

OR you subscribe to my email list below for an early release with a Black Friday discount on sessions for the upcoming year.

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