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What should I wear to my family photography session?

How to Dress for Boulder and Denver Colorado Family Photography Sessions I Easy Tips to Follow

In Boulder and Denver, Colorado dressing for a family photography session really becomes seasonal dilemma. My clients often ask what do I wear? How do I dress my kiddos? Not only do I take many family photography sessions - I also yearly wrestle my own family into careful chosen outfits and get our family photographs done.

After 20 years of family portraits both taking them and being in them... I have a little wisdom to handout. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your photography session beautiful and easy.

Tip #1 - Wear Neutral Colors

First plan your color scheme!

The number one rule for family photography clothing selections - keep your color pallet neutral and try to weave the same colors throughout. Neutral can be colors like blue, green, grays, beiges, whites and blacks. You can never go wrong with neutral colors.

The photography above Mama did a great job of getting every family member in neutral colors that compliment each other. Bonus! She also weaved the cream color of her daughter's sweater in to her own outfit with a cream scarf!

Tip #2 - Create a Color Palette

When you are determining what to wear for a photograph - you need to get into a designer headspace. Do not get intimidated! This is way easier than it sounds, many designers select up to 3-4 colors that compliment each other for the neutral palette. Like Tip 1 in Tip 2 we want to weave the base colors throughout the family.

The family above used a base neutral of denim, with neutral cream and maroon. Bonus! Mama got even tied the shoes in - navy on her little boy matches denim and cream flats on her middle child matches cream sweaters.

PRO TIP - Pinterest is full of these palettes and examples for how to weave colors into different clothing articles between family members. I have used it to plan my own family photo sessions and skip the headache of planning it all on my own.

Tip #3 - Avoid Patterns

This one is important and can be a bit tricky. Generally speaking busy patterns do not go over well in photographs. I suggest that if one person is in a neutral pattern with colors that match the rest of the family then patterns are not only fine - but awesome. However, patterns are just tricky. Too many patterns,on too many family members gets distracting. So, plan patterns carefully.

The photos above is the an amazing example of good patterns. Mama's dress brings in the neutral colors that both dad and baby are wearing - she used the one pattern to tie the whole ensemble together. Mama really nailed a great color palette for summer in Colorado.

Don’t Forget to Add a Closing Statement

You now know the most basic advice I give to create a pleasing family photograph. Keep it neutral, only choose 3-4 colors. Weave colors throughout and avoid patterns. If you are thinking of scheduling a session click the link below to contact me. I have more tips and tricks up my sleeve to make your Colorado family photography session easy and beautiful.

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