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How Long is Family Photography Session?

A frequently asked question I often get is: How long is a family photography session? Or, My little ones probably cannot last an hour, can we do a shorter session?

My answer is simple! I put aside an hour of time for every session - but every single session is different. Essentially family photography sessions take place within an hour and end when we have the photographs we want. There have been sessions that take only 30 minutes, on average most go about 45 minutes and on occasion sessions go the full 60 minutes.

There are some factors that contribute to our time together...

Red Rocks Family Photos


Y'all, this is Colorado. The weather is sunny and warm, rainy and windy, snowy and cold depending on the hour of the day. You read that right... no matter how hard our meteorologists try to predict the weather in Colorado it changes fast and very dramatically. Weather definitely can affect the length of a session, but never the quality of the photographs you receive. When it rains or snows we trade off who sits in the car - I make sure to capture your moments as artistically as I would if it were sunny - however, I do adapt our session to be pleasant and quicker!

Colorado Family Session with Rain!

Age of Kiddos

Families with younger kiddos ask me the most how long sessions will be - especially as it get colder outside. As the weather gets colder I do suggest at home lifestyle sessions (blog to come soon on indoor sessions). When we do brave the weather I can assure you I will not force you to stand in the cold for 60 minutes! As a mom myself, as well as a retired teacher, I will always customize the session to the littlest kiddo! I am careful to also get the photographs with babies first. Some of favorite photographs have been the colder ones too... families tend to snuggle a lot closer. ;-)

Cold Colorado Family Snuggles

When You Got the Assignment

Listen y'all I went to UC Berkeley. I was a SERIOUS student at one point and understanding the assignment was my life. Now, not everyone walks into a photo session like a dang model on their 100th photo session of the day ready to break down poses like a professional, but some of y'all do. No joke. Sometimes I get to a session and I start my talking and clicking and I am just down right impressed with your understanding of the assignment.

On these sessions things go faster. I mean when you are working with a professional family of models (and more of you are this family than you think) then it would actually be work on my end to make the session last longer! Take the compliment y'all and run with it! Use the minutes you gained working the camera taking your family out to dinner! (Blog on best spots to eat after a photography session coming soon!)

Jamming at the end of the photography session!

In short, you are not paying a photographer, aka me, for the minutes we are together. My commitment is entirely to your family's comfort and providing amazing, beautiful images of you with your loved ones.

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